Marie Sewell – illustrator and printmaker

Marie Campbell Grphic Design

I work 9 – 5 as a graphic designer, coffee with friends on my lunch break and all the hours around the edges drawing and printmaking. I study Buddhism in the bath, meditate and swim less often than I should. I enjoy family meal times and sleep at every opportunity. My daughters are beautiful and creative and we dance in the kitchen. I’m vegetarian and have been known to wear socks with sandals. Even a small glass of red wine gives me a headache. I have a dog called Kite, a bike named Pegasus and more cats than you can shake a stick at.

Yoga calms me down. I don’t speak when I’m proven wrong. Strange things really do seem to happen to me more often than they happen to other people. I collect words that I like. I lose things a lot. My houseplants are all called Bill after the good friend who gave them to me. I don’t know my left from right. I clap my hands when I laugh and I cry when I am stressed and angry. I also cry when I’m very happy, but it is quite easy to tell one from the other. I had a vegetable patch and a green garden shed with a sunflower painted on the door. And, of course, jars full of buttons.

Once, my nail varnish chipped into the shape of an elephant. I eat porridge standing up, even when I’m not in a hurry. I’m forgetful and hopeless at lots of different things (like telling the time and ironing). I have an interesting birthmark and I write lots of lists. I love more than I hate. The number 3 is very important to me. I need more sleep than I actually get and it’s a blessing that I can’t drive.

Other peoples shoes (you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes), other peoples’ bookshelves. Printmaking. Typography and graphology.

Marie Sewell