Colour inspiration: “Out of Darkness Cometh Light”

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Chosen colour swatch – System 3 Acrylics

The Wolverhampton Pillar has endured over 1,000 years’ of weathering, so we don’t really have a lot to go on colour-wise for our Wolves in Wolves sculpture, but we reckoned as the pillar would have been so significant it would have been plastered and painted with bright, natural pigments.

It was during the Dark Ages, when Lady Wulfrun founded Wulfrūnehēantūn (985 AD) and with the city motto “Out of Darkness Cometh Light” we knew we wanted something bold and luminous for our Anglo-Saxon wolf.

Neil was inspired by a photograph of the city with a blazing sky, and I had a palette of vibrant gradients in mind (totally on trend right now) against a black background. We both agreed on incorporating an element of ‘old gold and black’ into the design so we’ve been experimenting with metallic paints and gold leaf.

I was particularly inspired by this ultra-violet photography by Craig P Burrows. He photographs the ‘invisible light that plants produce:

Craig P Burrows photography

Craig P Burrows photography

And I’m in love with Nora Huszka’s stunning artwork on the Starlight Dragon Tarot Deck:

Nora Huszka’s artwork for the Starlight Dragon Tarot deck

Neil was inspired by the vibrant sunset on this photograph of Wolverhampton’s skyline:

Wolverhampton skyline

Wolverhampton skyline © Express & Star


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